Inside a property of 3 acres, with plane trees and running water, beside the enchanting church of Panagia at Karvounari, you can find Arethoussa.


Karvounari is a picturesque village, with centuries-old plane trees and running waters.

The name is probably due to the soil of the place which is rich in coal (karvouno). Other possible explanations are the word "Charbron", the old name of the nearby river Alpheus, the Chalandritsa baron Carbonaro who had his estate there or even the turkish word karbunar which means "cold water spring", like the famous "spring of Karvounari".

The church of Panagia at Karvounari celebrates each year on August 23rd.

During the Greek revolution of 1821, some of the local famous fighters were Pantazis Panatazopoulos, Yorgos Paraskevopoulos and Panagis Patrinellis.